Medical Grade LCD Display Monitors

19" - model FS-Y1901D

19” HD medical display monitors from FSN offer a rich set of features coupled with exeptional value. The size of these units promotes maneuverability and versatility, ideal for limited spaces. Match these display monitors with other FSN integration components for superior visualization technology.

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24" - model FS-L2402D

The input/output options on FS-L2402D include dual DVI, plus an on-board DC out power connection for smaller component needs. Like all FSN displays, it features rapid signal detection of video sources found in the OR, and can satisfy the need for smooth, artifact-free medical images.

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26" - model FS-P2601D

The FS-P2601D features everything needed for displaying high definition medical images. It uses an LED backlight system that operates at lower temperatures, and allows for a thinner, lighter weight housing profile design.

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26" - model FS-P2602D

FSN has developed a process, seeking to improve picture quality, and applied it to our FS-P2602D displays. These enhanced LCD panels with LED backlight show an improvement in contrast ratio and brightness, plus improved humidity resistance and breakage resistance.

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26" - model FS-P2603D

FS-P2603D has the latest advanced features built in. The input/output options have been expanded, including dual DVI and on-board DC out power for smaller component needs. This unit features LED backlight technology and an engineered polymer housing.

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26" - model FS-P2607D

FS-P2607D displays 3D video in a variety of formats. The input/output connections on this monitor include dual DVI, dual 3G-SDI, and on-board DC out power for smaller component needs. This unit features LED backlight technology and an engineered polymer housing. 3D glasses are included.

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27" - model FS-L2701D

Improve surgical visualization with FS-L2701D. This display monitor offers LED backlight technology that is ultra bright, and has FSN’s rich set of features designed specifically for presenting images from surgical endoscopic camera systems or other medical imaging devices. The unique exterior design of FS-L2701D is slim and sleek, with rounded corners and sturdy construction that withstands the rigors of daily OR use.

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27" - Touch Screen model FS-L2701DT

The FS-L2701DT display from FSN builds upon our long history of advanced medical-grade monitors. This new touch screen display features a slim, sleek design and a flush-front glass bezel. The screen size is large for easy manipulation of touch screen elements, yet small enough to mount on a moveable arm or boom if required.

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32" - model FS-L3202D

NEW! FSN’s 32” LED display features expanded I/O options, including dual DVI and SDI, plus DC out power for smaller components. FS-L3202D is ideal for showing big images, yet is still within the size range recommended by most OR boom arm systems. A handheld remote control is included.

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46" - Touch Screen model FS-S4601DT

The FS-S4601DT display monitor from FSN offers high definition touch screen capability and a large screen area for presenting detailed images. Its 10 point projected capacitive touch technology can be used while wearing gloves. The flush front glass surface allows for touch commands without bezel obstruction, and easy cleaning of the entire viewing surface.

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