New 4K UHD monitors are available from FSN

Dated : October 15, 2015

Medical-grade 4K monitors

LCDs in the surgical environment have unique requirements, including being moved around, bumped, adjusted, and cleaned repeatedly. FSN has been developing superior display technology for over 15 years, and now this expertise has produced 4K UHD display monitors for medical use.

See sharp, detailed images with 4K

There are more pixels on a 4K UHD monitor screen - and more pixels can show more information. More information means sharper pictures, and sharper pictures are what medical professionals like to work with during surgical procedures. Detailed picture quality makes it easier to see obscure surgical-site anatomy. Live surgical video signals in crystal clear resolution improve the colors displayed on-screen. A 4K UHD display allows much more nuance and detail to be viewed by the doctor. The improvement over HD can be astonishing. Higher resolution images are simply better.


31" 4K UHD monitor from FSN, See Details


Confidently position instruments with 4K

The LCD monitor screen is the focal point and final destination for complex imaging and data sources found in the modern medical operating room. It is a vital instrument for the surgeon, to view both surgical site anatomy and instrument positioning. The extraordinary resolution found in FSN’s 4K UHD display monitors helps doctors focus on critically important procedure decisions by displaying the highest possible image clarity.

Be closer to the screen with 4K

The ability to get up-close to the LCD screen surface without the image breaking down is one of the most unique things about 4K. FSN’s 4K UHD monitors retain each and every image detail in sharp focus, even when looking closely at the screen. Doctors find this benefit to be of great value when working in tight proximity to the patient and the LCD screen surface, as is the case during minimally invasive procedures.


55" 4K UHD monitor from FSN, See Details


Show multiple sources at once with 4K

The imaging and data sources available to physicians during a procedure are complex. Viewing this information in an organized manner can be challenging. 4K UDH monitors from FSN are designed to show multiple live images on screen at the same time. The technology found in FSN displays can create variable screen layouts, including picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture, and quad screen formats. For example, the information shown on four 27” HD monitors can now be displayed on one 55” 4K UHD screen, all in full 1080 resolution.

Take full advantage of 4K with DisplayPort

The DisplayPort interface carries 4K UHD image signals from high-end source equipment to FSN monitors, without any noticeable artifacts or delays. It supports high clock speeds, broad color depths, and additional new features that may be developed on the horizon. DisplayPort offers high performance in a small package, and features automatic fine-tuning capabilities that help manage jitter or interference for better transmission. DisplayPort is all digital and provides flexibility for all different type of devices.