Seeing Is Believing - Improved HD Medical Monitors.

Dated : January 22, 2018
FSN engineers have been busy designing and developing the latest medical-grade display monitors, and the hard work has paid off. We are proud to introduce a new 24 inch HD model, FS-P2404D, and a new 26 inch HD model, FS-P2604D. The driving force behind these new products is the desire to continually provide the best in performance and value. Medical video applications will benefit from the features that have been designed into these display monitors. 
New features found in FS-P2404D and FS-P2604D are impressive. A redesigned user interface menu is intuitive and self-explanatory. The front surface of these models is made from glass that extends completely from edge-to-edge, making sterilization practices much easier. The front filter is also bonded, a process that increases picture clarity, increases strength, and reduces susceptibility to humidity problems. A back lit menu area on the front bezel allows for gentle touch control. 
Of course, FS-P2404D and FS-P2604D continue to provide the advantages and benefits of all FSN monitors. At their core they are made with high quality LCD panels that deliver top-tier image reproduction. This translates into reduced eye strain for medical professionals. They are compatible with virtually all surgical video generating devices. With a large selection of signal inputs and auto-recognition capability, you can be sure that these display monitors from FSN will perform to the highest standards.

FSN Medical Technologies specializes in displaying and managing video signals in today’s medical procedure facilities. Our mission is to provide advanced and reliable products, and foster innovation within our global partner relations. The ultimate goal is to deliver solutions that address the user’s needs. FSN has sales points throughout the world, and our team is here to help.

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