Video Archiving & Communications System - VACS

Dated : February 15, 2018
A new era in communication between medical professionals has arrived. Today’s doctors, nurses, and specialists are faced with a tangled structure of digital files. Videos, still captures, notations, and DICOM scans, are valuable assets; however the barrage of electronic content can easily become uncontrollable. The digital asset management capabilities found in VACS provides an environment that solves these problems. VACS allows users to find and use content when and where it is needed.
The true benefits of VACS become apparent once it is installed and populated with content. A wide range of files may be added, including images, audio, PDF, Word, and Excel. These can be transferred from a local PC by the drag and drop method, or browse to upload method. Another way to get content into the VACS environment is via FSN’s medical recorder, IPS710A, which provides easy start and stop video recording, and DICOM image compatibility. Patient information can be obtained from a worklist server and imported into VACS. This eliminates the need to retype data, reducing errors. Content is archived into the active patient folder and automatically filed under the appropriate interface tab in VACS.
Sharing content in VACS is simple. Access to an internet browser is all that is required. This means that from any location, a physician’s office, specialty clinic, home office, conference room, or affiliated hospital, VACS content can be viewed and shared. There is no need to install specialized software for users. With password access and SSL certificates for encryption, communications between users is secure. VACS is a single repository for searching and retrieval of digital content. Unlike email, it is designed to handle large files, has basic video editing built-in, and limits views and comments to authorized users. Contact FSN to learn more about VACS.

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