Video Archive and Communication System

  VACS Lite is part of a comprehensive visual information management solution offered by FSN Medical Technologies. VACS Lite goes beyond basic video archiving and creates a powerful clinical networking and collaboration platform that is accessible to any authorized user.VACS Lite supports HD video, still images, DICOM, Word, Excel, and sound files. Capture & streaming devices can be configured to automatically link patient data to media files.
Categorizing content with descriptions, such as research, preparation, surgical procedure, review, or education, creates custom libraries of clinical information. Annotation and sharing tools allow open communication with colleagues. This enhances patient care, and complements existing EHR and PACS systems.
  • Access VACS Lite with a PC, laptop,or handheld device.
  • Share media with other VACS Lite members.
  • Search VACS Lite for key words, post-procedural annotations, or dates.
  • Share large files without worrying about e-mail delivery failures.
  • Video is automatically optimized for the best playback method.