WUH4060 Wireless Video System

IPS4000 Contorl OR 4K processor and tablet/touch screen/front panel control

MSV 2 (Multi Scaler Viewer) introduction.

MSV 2 (Multi Scaler Viewer) control using a web browser.

Using multiple MSV 2 (Multi Scaler Viewers), plus specialized control software to manage up to 16 sources.

 FSN's IPS1000A processor and tablet control, IPS710A recorder, and streaming capability over the internet.

FSN works with Ophit, a leading A/V products provider, to address medical video infrastructure and connectivity needs.

MSV 2 is a 4K multi-scaler viewer that will display 4 signals on one screen. User control is fast and easy.

Use Vy-Net2 as a 4K video over IP solution that is ready to expand as needs change.

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