FSN Medical Display Monitors


FSN medical monitors are highly compatible, safe, & globally trusted.  Our medical grade monitors are continuously being evaluated by our designers and engineers to take advantage of trends and video technologies present in today’s healthcare facilities. FSN’s commitment is compatibility with legacy equipment and the latest video source specifications. Our monitors quickly detect incoming signal types and use color settings that align with surgical preferences. FSN has a broad selection of display monitor sizes and special feature options. The large FSN installation base is a sign of quality and reliability.


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Surgical Grade Medical Monitors

Vendor-neutral. Medically-biased.

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FSN Medical Monitors
FSN Medical Monitors
FSN Medical Monitors
FSN Medical Monitors
FSN Medical Monitors
WIDE medical imaging monitor

A Full-Service Signal Solutions Provider

FSN Medical Technologies is the name of medical video management products from Foreseeson Custom Displays. We are a pioneer and world leader in medical video signal management, distribution, and display. From concept, design, prototype, certification, and production, to interface design, all FSN products are characterized by their seamless usability, compact modularity, and robust design.


Visualization Expertise.
FSN specializes in displaying and managing video signals in today’s medical procedure facilities. We use the latest technical developments and tailor them to medical applications.

Design Innovation.
These products are designed to strict standards for the effective management of video signals found in the OR and beyond. Our competencies in product design, development, and manufacturing work together to address each unique situation.

Broad Compatibility.
The FSN mission is to provide advanced and reliable products while fostering innovation within our global partner relations. The ultimate goal is to deliver solutions that address the user’s needs. FSN has sales points throughout the world, and our team is here to help.

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